Oysters & Beer


It's no secret that Mike and I love oysters (and beer). This shoot was a lot of fun for me because I wanted to create more of a mood for these little aphrodisiacs.  We'll take oysters on the half shell any day, but now that Mike has mastered the grilled oyster...it's really hard to pick a favorite style.  Even non-oyster lovers have fallen in love with Mike's grilled oysters.  He has a few different sauces that he makes, but for this particular shoot I requested a Chipotle Hot Sauce & butter combo to get some extra colors.  Plus, it really adds a nice kick of heat to these particular oysters (Naked Cowboys) which are fresh & briny in flavor...the name has a pretty nice kick too.  

Grilled Oyster Prep:  
Place non-shucked oysters on a hot grill (450-500 degrees) for about 3 minutes
* Remove oysters from grill to shuck (some will open on their own)
* Place oysters back on the grill and add a drop of butter & sauce of choice
* Leave oysters on grill for another 2-3 minutes just to get everything melted and hot
* Remove from grill and let cool 1-2 minutes

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Posted on July 15, 2013 .