Sugar Fixé Macaron

I am beyond excited to say that Mike and I are heading to Paris for the first time on Friday! We've never been to Europe together before and this is our first trip to the city of light. Our evenings have been filled with practicing french (huîtres, se il vous plaît), researching restaurants, oyster bars and museums and counting down the minutes until we can eat crepes while walking down the street.

With my focus almost exclusively on Paris these days, it was perfect timing when Cindy Summers asked me to come shoot at her new patisserie, Sugar Fixé Macaron. She opened her first patisserie, Sugar Fixé in Oak Park, which was notably discussed by Serious Eats and The Huffington Post as having "the best macarons." Her second location, in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood at 958 West Armitage, opened in December of 2014. 

I wanted to share a sneak peek from the shoot to show off the gorgeous craft and presentation of her newest desserts. I hope it inspires you to go in and get a sweet little taste of Paris right here in the heart of Chicago. 

Au revoir!

Images in order from left to right, top to bottom:
Macaron Party Favors
Mascarpone Cassis Dome
Passion Fruit Tart
Raspberry Macaron Entremet
Macaron éclair
Passion Fruit Tart (aerial)
Julius Meinl Coffee Mugs
Caramel Crunch Petit Gateau

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Posted on February 10, 2015 .

Cowboy Caviar

When Mike and I went to Minnesota to visit my Mom, she introduced us to Cowboy Caviar. This is probably one of my most favorite things to have on hand at home. Not only does it make a lot, but you can use this delicious mix in a variety of ways. The recipe is really easy, will make enough to last throughout the week and the ingredients are flexible to alter to your liking. For example, my mom likes to use black beans instead of pinto beans. 

The flavors from the corn, beans and peppers are so refreshing together. The first time we tried this, we ate it with chips. Mike and I loved the flavors so much that we started using it on tacos, chicken, fish and eggs (my favorite). I absolutely love to sauté the mix with a little olive oil in a skillet and make a sunny side up egg to go with it. As you can see, I did a shoot on my favorite variation to share with you. I also like to just grab a spoon and eat the mix right out of the container from time to time (don't tell Mike).

I recommend making this a day in advance so the flavors have time to blend together. If you don't have the time, this should be good to go after a couple hours in the fridge. I'm a huge fan of salsa and guacamole, but this really is a refreshing and unique option to share with everyone - even kids love it. I love the recipe inspiration I get from my Mom.


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Posted on February 6, 2015 .

Sashimi Salad with Citrus Soy

My weekend was full of recipes and shoots at home and I loved every minute of it. Although I love shooting for restaurants, it was fun to be back in my kitchen doing my own thing. I'm especially excited to share this super easy sashimi salad recipe with you. If you're obsessed with sushi like I am, you may be looking for ways to satisfy the sushi craving without breaking the bank. This salad is perfect! You can use any fish you'd like. I used smoked salmon which you can find at your local market or grocery store. It's a really flexible recipe too, because you can add or eliminate whatever your stomach desires to make it your go-to sashimi salad.

It calls for lightly toasted sesame seeds, which I hadn't done before. Be careful doing this because they toast up really quickly and it's easy to burn them. They become slightly fragrant when they're ready (within a couple minutes) and although they're tiny seeds, they definitely add a subtle, nutty flavor to the salad. The best part is the citrus-soy dressing. I hadn't tried the combination of citrus and salty before and it was delicious. Yum!


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Posted on January 19, 2015 .

Creekside Cafe

I will always remember the first time Mike brought me to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It was over the winter holiday in 2009, back when I was convinced I was a snowboarder. Turned out, I wasn't. One morning, Mike decided to take me out to breakfast in an attempt to get my mind off of my grumpiness with the mountain. He took me to Creekside Cafe

When I walked in, I immediately felt comfortable. There was a fast-paced rhythm to the business, but with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. There was also exposed brick with hand painted cloud ceilings, making the space feel warm even in the heart of winter. Tall windows let the morning light in and we luckily scored a table right next to one. I ordered the croissant breakfast sandwich which consisted of two eggs sunny side up and smoked bacon with breakfast potatoes. Snowboarding was far from my mind and we had a pleasant time with our breakfast sandwiches and coffee. Mike was even able to snag a Steamboat Pilot (the local paper) from a stack in the entry way.

When we returned to The 'Boat this past Christmas, I knew I had to set up a shoot at Creekside. Kelly Landers, co-owner with her husband, Jason, was more than happy to have me. I arrived at 2pm (when they close up shop), to a packed and bustling restaurant, and Kelly was behind the bar simultaneously chatting happily with customers and keeping the service flowing smoothly. It's no wonder everyone wants to sneak in before they flip the open sign to closed.

The shot list from my shoot includes two very popular menu items including the Mountain Man Eggs Benedict with forested ham, locally cured bacon and house recipe chorizo on an english muffin, poached eggs, hollandaise and house potatoes and the Elkhead Ranch Purple Turkey Hash with Purple Majesty shreaded hash browns, all natural turkey breast, and diced onions seasoned and grilled, garnished with field greens and two poached eggs. I was lucky enough to take both home with me and Mike and I ended up snacking on a delicious breakfast at dinner time.  

Creekside's mantra is outstanding dining in an exceptional atmosphere and they certainly live up to that ideal. Looking very forward to my next visit... 


Creekside Cafe places an emphasis on working with local farms for the highest quality ingredients. Below is a list of Colorado farmers they support.

Yampa Valley Farms
Davis Family Farms
Community Ag Alliance
Yampa Valley Beef
Elkhead Ranch Company


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Posted on January 15, 2015 .

The Everygirl: 3 Cozy Winter At-Home Brunches

I'm very excited to announce that my photography featuring three tasty brunch recipes and a cocktail has been published on The Everygirl! <happy dance!> 

3 Cozy Winter At-Home Brunches

The recipes are inspired and prepared by Kit Graham, whom I've had the pleasure of collaborating with on several recipe posts. She designs the recipes and preps the food and I take the pictures. Our collaborations are creative and inspiring for both of us, so it's truly exciting to see our work come to life on The Everygirl.

I can speak to the deliciousness of all three brunch recipes since tasting and sampling is a necessity while we work together. The recipe list includes Raspberry Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon Curd, Potato Hash with a Sunny Side Up Egg, a refreshing Grapefruit Mimosa and Caprese Benedict.

Check out the article and enjoy the recipes and the photography!

All Images © Regan Baroni 2015.

Posted on January 12, 2015 .